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Why this tutorial?

April 27, 2010 by Steve

It is fairly easy for programmers to extend the core functions of the Drupal software and add functions that the main package leaves out. This can be good, because the open nature of Drupal has given us a vast array of quality themes for free, and modules like Views, which allows you to make just about any page you want out of your available data. But this flexibility has a cost: there might be three different ways to configure what you want out of your website, and who knows how many menu options you'll have to tweak to get there.

This is the third time I've rolled out a Drupal site from scratch, and the first time I've used Drupal 6. While it is easier now than it was some years back, configuring the many options of a Drupal site is never as straightforward as it seems like it should be. In order to set something up, you might have to visit three different configuration menus and change one thing in each. To help others who might be walking down the same path, here is a collection of my notes from putting this site together.

To get the most out of these notes you should already be familiar with the basics of starting a website and have a basic familiarity with Drupal. I'm not going to cover transferring files from your computer to your hosting company. It also wouldn't hurt to have a little familiarity with PHP, CSS, and basic programming practices, though it isn't required except for a few steps. I will not walk through these things at a low level. The fundamentals of these skills have been covered plenty of times on other, better sites, and it would make no sense to do it again here.

Hope you find this helpful!


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