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Site Functions (more modules)

April 29, 2010 by Steve

Now the fun really begins. We're going to go turn on a whole bunch of modules all at once. Because many of these modules set up the default behavior of the site, these are things I want active before I start putting up any content on the site.

Go to the Site Building > Modules page. Don't turn off any of the stuff that is already on. Make sure that all of these modules are also selected:

  • Core - Optional
    • Contact
    • Path
    • Search
    • Statistics
  • Links
    • Turn on all four sub-modules.
  • Meta tags (the nodewords package)
    • Turn on all the modules except "Meta tags for custom pages".
  • Other
    • Page Title
    • Pathauto
    • Poormanscron
    • Skinr
    • Taxonomy breadcrumb
    • Token
  • Printer, e-mail, PDF
    • Printer-friendly pages
  • User Interface
    • External Links
  • Views
    • Views and Views UI modules

Configuration notes are listed below. Not all modules require configuration.

Remember that the Site Configuration > By Modules page will let you see what each module does without having to hunt through the various configuration menus, you can always go there first after enabling a new module to see what options it has.


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