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Search Engine Optimization

April 28, 2010 by Steve

I like to think that I'm not driven by ad dollars, but I still want people to find and read my stuff. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an interesting enough topic to get a chapter of its own.

Some modules make it easier for both search engines and people to read your site. Pathauto and Page Title help both people and robots read your site more easily. But there are two modules I dropped in specifically for SEO. They have no effect at all on the way the site looks, but make things better behind the scenes.

The SEO Checklist module does nothing to change how your site operates. It is a form that lists all the things you can do to make your site search-engine friendly, and lets you check off steps as you go. There is no configuration to perform or permissions to set, but if you walk through all the steps, your site will be easier for search robots to find and use.

The XML Sitemap module generates a handy file for search engines to reference so they know how your site is put together. The settings are under Site Configuration > XML Sitemap. It can be set up to automatically submit the sitemap to various search engines when changes are made to your site.


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