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April 29, 2010 by Steve

The next step is to lay out the site the way we want to show it. This is part two of the theme configuration.

Go to the Site Building > Blocks page. Blocks are all the extra pieces you can put on your page. We'll be back to this page a lot as we turn different modules on and need to drop things into place.

When you go to the Blocks page, you'll see yellow bars that show all the possible layout positions for your theme. Newswire has a lot of them. I want the site to have a large left column for the main content, and two columns on the right for other information. The first step is to move the Navigation menu from the "Left(col 1)" section to the "Right 2(col 3)" section. Do that by finding the Navigation block, pulling down the Region menu, and choosing the new location.

At this time, I'm planning the site to be more of a blog than a community. Since I don't plan to have people log in and make accounts, I'm removing the login block completely. (When I need to log in, I can go to /user/login directly.)

I also don't want the site users to have access to the Navigation menu, so I clicked on configure and changed the Role specific settings to only show the menu to authenticated users.

Rather than have it at the bottom of the page, I moved the "Powered by Drupal" block to column 4.

There will be more to do here later, but for now, we're done. Scroll down and use the Save button.


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