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April 30, 2010 by Steve

I want the main menu items to be the names of the Sections from my first Taxonomy group. In the Newswire theme, the big colored stripe across the top is the location for the Primary Links menu, so that is the next thing to configure.

Go to Site Building > Menus and it will show you the default list of available menus. Click on Primary Links and we can go add some items. To get my Lab Notebook link, I could just add the item and put in "lab-notebook" for the path. Because of the Taxonomy and Pathauto (URL Alias) setup we've already done, this will work. However, if I ever change the taxonomy or the alias, this will break. The clever thing to do is link directly to the node you want, and let Drupal manage the aliases for you.

Open up another tab and bring up Site Building > URL Aliases. This shows the original node names for all your aliases. Find the taxonomy term you want to turn into a menu (mine was "lab-notebook"). The alias list shows me that is the alias for "taxonomy/term/1". So I'm going to use that for the menu, instead of the alias.

Back in the primary links menu tab, we can now edit our menu properly. The name of the term goes in as the link title ("Lab Notebook") and the path to that taxonomy term in for the menu path ("taxonomy/term/1"). Repeat as needed. Even though I have a "build-this-site" term in my taxonomy, I made the "Build This Site!" link point to the top of the tutorial book, rather than the taxonomy term. Hopefully nobody gets lost because of this. Note that you can add more menu items than you plan to use right away, and just disable the ones you'll need later.


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