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Installation at 1and1

April 28, 2010 by Steve

At this point, you have downloaded the latest Drupal 6 package and the contributed modules that you want to use. You have them un-tarred and un-gzipped, and you have them running on your local machine or transferred them all to your web host of choice (or both). There are so many other tutorials covering those steps, I'm going to assume you can get that far without me.

I'm using 1&1 for hosting, because their cheapest basic package supports PHP and MySQL and gives you just enough access to do everything I need to do here. Plus, it is cheap. Their Apache and PHP setup doesn't work right for Drupal out of the box, though, so you need to do a few things before you can even start with Drupal.

Specific instructions for hosting at 1&1.

First, go read this Drupal on 1&1 article. It talks about the steps to take to get Drupal up and running on 1&1 servers. You will need to make a custom php.ini file, per that article. It also shows how to get the MySQL database configured using the 1&1 tools.

I found a few other things that needed to be adjusted. You will need to adjust your PHP.ini file further. You will also need to modify the .htaccess file to get Apache to serve your pages correctly.

After completing these steps, you can do the rest of the installation procedure: put in your site name, get your first user (the administration account) set up, and so on. When the install wizard gets to the Clean URLs step, check that it is enabled. If there is an error (Clean URLs is not automatically working), then there's something wrong with the mod_rewrite settings in your .htaccess file, and you need to go back and check that.


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