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Configure the Views module

April 30, 2010 by Steve

It is not an overstatement to say that the Views module seriously changed Drupal development when it was released. Before Views, if you wanted to change the layout of a page or make a block that showed your data in some custom way, you had to write a module to do it. Depending on your needs, you may still have to, but a great many display solutions can be done through the Views interface.

I am not going to walk through setting up a View until I have one that is cool enough to be worth talking about. There are plenty of tutorials out there. I am going to point out that the Views documentation is for Views 1, and you probably just installed Views 2. Now is a great time to point out that Views is the best reason to install the Advanced Help module. All the Views docs ship with the Views module, but need Advanced Help to display.

Once installed, the Views setup is Site Building > Views. There is a list of pre-installed Views which you can enable if you like. You can see in the list if the view provides a block, a page, a feed, or some combination of those. For this site, I turned on the Twitter message view and the Popular content view. I wanted both of those as blocks. (Using the Site Building > Blocks interface, I placed those where I wanted and overrode the default Twitter block name with my Twitter handle.)

Under User Management > Permissions, you'll find an "access all views" permission, but that is for people doing view configuration, not for your users. You can leave these permissions blank and anonymous users will still be able to see the blocks and pages made by your views.


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