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Configure the Nodewords module

April 30, 2010 by Steve

Nodewords enables meta data for your pages. This is used to give search engines hints about what is in the page, things that might be good related search terms. It is not just one module, but a package of related modules. One is the API, one is the UI, one enables appropriate tokens, and so on. Though all the files are named with "nodewords", the package is labeled "Meta Tags". In my setup, I turned all of them on except the "Meta tags for custom pages", since I don't need that yet.

Under Content Management > Meta Tags you can change the default settings. Under General Settings, I enabled the keywords and copyright fields. Under "Default meta tags" I put in a default copyright message. (If you look at the page source for this page, somewhere near the top you should see that copyright meta tag.) Save this out. There are plenty of other options that I will enable for SEO as the site develops.

Now when you go to create or edit content, one of your options will be to add meta tags for the page. They will only show in the page source, not to regular readers of the site.

If your site has more than one administrator, you may need to pay attention to the User Management > Permissions settings for nodewords, which has the "administer meta tags" permission. I didn't bother.


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