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Configure the External Links module

April 30, 2010 by Steve

Good software doesn't surprise people. (At least, not the basic functionality. Games are different.) I want it to be as obvious as possible what will happen when someone clicks on a link, before they click it. The External Links module puts the "you're leaving the site" icon next to each of the external links. It also sets the URLs to open in a new window, rather than navigate away from this site. I used to hate that, but I have Firefox configured to open those links in a new tab instead. That makes it easy for me to assume that all users do the same thing, and that makes it okay, right?

The settings can be found on the Site Configuration > External Links page. There are checkbox settings for when to apply the icon, whether to open a new window, and so on. There's also a pattern matching section that allows you to use regular expressions to control what counts as internal or external.

There are no permissions to set for External Links.


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