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Configure the Contact module

April 29, 2010 by Steve

The Contact module is an optional core module. It allows you to set up contact pages for users and a site wide set of contact forms. I am not using the per-user forms, but I want a contact form for the site so that people can let me know of broken links, point out errors in my content, and send me messages saying how great the site is.

Head over to the Site Building > Contact Form > Settings page. This lets you configure the message people will see on the contact page. Edit the "Additional information" text to your satisfaction. I also made sure to uncheck the "Enable personal contact form" box. Save those changes.

Now click on the Add Category tab. Drupal lets you set up multiple contact forms through this same interface. I only want one, though, so I made a category called "Et Melius feedback". I put my email address in under "Recipients", and put in a simple thank you message under "Auto-Reply". If you have more than one category of feedback, you can set the weight for each one, that will determine what order they appear in the menu. (Heavier weights fall to the bottom of the list.)

Make sure "Selected" is set to yes, then Save. That page should now be available at the my-site-name/contact URL. Now we need a link to the contact page from the main page.

Select the Site Configuration > Site Information page from the admin menu. Add a link to your name in the copyright area leading to the contact page. Now when people click on your name, it will take them to that page and they can send you a message.

You will also need to give Anonymous users permission to use the contact form. (Time saver: here's the step where I set all the permissions at once.) If you want to set them now, go to User Management > Permissions, find the Contact module permissions, and select "access site-wide contact form" for Anonymous users. Save your changes.


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