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Free application hosting with Joyent - my wait is over

May 3, 2010 by Steve

I signed up with Joyent for their free Facebook developer program. There's no link to that page from the Joyent front page, but the Facebook developer pages has a prominent link. They do mention, down low on the sign-up page in small print, that "Our Free Facebook Developer Program is a limited user offering. Please note that there may be a waiting list for your free Accelerator." Nowhere do they say what the wait time might be.

As it turns out, they only have 3000 slots, which I'm assuming stay pretty full up. Evidently, the process they follow is to go in periodically and strip out the people who ended up not using their free product or those who have been in the program a year, and then they offer those positions to people on the waitlist.

I signed up on 26-Mar-2010. And that's when I figured out that it wasn't instant. I waited a few days and made a polite support request asking how long they thought it might take. They couldn't say. It looked like I might be waiting a while, so I found some other hosting for my stuff and started banging away on it. On 30-Apr-2010, I got an email saying I'm in the free Joyent program. I'm looking forward to trying it out, and it means my super-cheap hosting with 1&1 doesn't have to try and keep up with a Facebook app, just a Drupal site. Should be a good thing.


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